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Webinar #1 Notes: The Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/Webinar-1-Notes_The-Smarter-Balanced-Interim-Assessments.pdf
Webinar #1 Script: The Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/Script-for-Interim-Webinar-1-2017.pdf
This video is designed for those educators who may be new to the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment System, or to those returning educators who need a refresher. In this session, we discuss the purposes of the interim assessments as well as how to navigate the systems available on the Connecticut Comprehensive Assessment Program Portal that allow users to view, administer, and score Interim Assessment Blocks. We also present updated test blueprints for mathematics and English language arts/literacy and highlight new enhancements to the Teacher Hand Scoring System (THSS).
Webinar #2 Notes: Using Interim Assessment Data /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/Webinar-2-Notes_Using-Interim-Assessment-Data.pdf
Webinar #2 Script: Using Interim Assessment Data /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/Script-for-Interim-Webinar-2_2017.pdf
This video details provides ideas about using the information from the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments to inform instruction.  In this session, we explain the score reporting process as well as the various reporting platforms and reporting features available. We also identify resources and instructional tools available through the Digital Library that can directly support instruction based on interim assessment outcomes.

This Webinar provides participants with a step-by-step explanation on how to use the Teacher Hand Scoring System (THSS) to score open-ended student responses on the Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs). A review of the scoring process and related scoring materials (rubrics, exemplars, and training guides) that can be applied to the scoring of specific IABs administered are briefly explained. The Webinar concludes with ideas on connecting results to the AIR Ways Reporting System and next steps for improving instruction using Digital Library resources.