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NextGen Reporting System User Guide /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/NextGen-Reporting-System-User-Guide.pdf
Updated February 03, 2020

This user guide provides instructions and support for users viewing student Interim Assessment performance reports in the NextGen Reporting System.

Connecticut Smarter Balanced Interpretive Guide 2018 /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/Smarter-Balanced-Interpretive-Guide.pdf
This guide is designed to help educators, parents, students, the public, and members of the media understand and explain the results of the Smarter Balanced summative assessments.
Online Reporting System (ORS) User Guide /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/Online-Reporting-System-ORS-User-Guide.pdf
The Online Reporting System (ORS) User Guide is designed to help users navigate the ORS. Users can find information on viewing score reports, searching for students, and managing rosters in the ORS.
Smarter Balanced Achievement Level Scale Scores /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/Smarter-Balanced-Achievement-Level-Scale-Scores.pdf
This document outlines the scale score ranges for each achievement level by grade and content area for the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments.