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Monitoring Test Progress: Test Status Code Report and Test Completion Rates /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/CT_Monitoring-Test-Progress_Brochure_050219.pdf
Updated May 06, 2019

It is very important that districts and schools track test completion for students taking the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments, Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Summative Assessments, Connecticut Alternate Assessment (CTAA), Connecticut Alternate Science Assessments (CTAS), and the Learner Characteristics Inventory (LCI). As a reminder, the testing window closes on June 7, 2019. The Monitoring Test Progress brochure contains instructions for generating Test Status Code Reports and Test Completion Rates in TIDE. These are excellent tools that should be used to track test completion for students at both the district and school level.

How to Activate a Test Session: Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/CT_How_to_Activate_Test_Session_Interim_Brochure.pdf
This document provides instructions on how to activate a test session for the Smarter Balanced Interim Assessments using the Test Administration (TA) Interface.
Accessing TIDE /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/CT_Accessing_TIDE_Brochure.pdf
This brochure provides instructions for how to reset your Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) account from a previous school year, how to log in to TIDE, and a brief overview of user management. District and school personnel will need to use TIDE account credentials to access all secure online systems used to administer Connecticut Comprehensive Assessment Program online assessments. TIDE goes live for the 2018-2019 school year on Tuesday, September 18, 2018.
Understanding and Creating Rosters /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/CT_Understanding-and-Creating-Rosters_Brochure.pdf
Rosters are groups of students associated with a teacher in a particular school. Rosters typically represent entire classrooms in lower grades, or individual classroom periods in upper grades. This document provides instructions for how to create, view, and modify rosters in TIDE and in ORS.
Accessing Participation Reports /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/CT_Accessing-Participation-Reports_Brochure.pdf
This document provides instructions for how to extract participation reports from TIDE for the Connecticut Alternate Assessment (CTAA) & Alternate Science Learner Characteristics Inventory (LCI). The submission of the LCI is required in order to confirm student eligibility prior to the administration of any alternate assessment. Accessing and reviewing the LCI participation reports can assist Teachers Administering the Alternate (TEA) to track the LCI submissions to ensure that eligible students are registered for either alternate assessment.
Managing Student Test Settings in TIDE /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/CT_Test_Settings_Brochure.pdf
This brochure provides a brief overview on how to manage student test settings in TIDE. Students’ embedded accommodations, non-embedded accommodations, and designated supports must be set in TIDE prior to test administration for these settings to be reflected in the Test Delivery System.
Embedded and Non-Embedded Designated Supports for English Learners /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/CT-1920-Embedded-and-Non-Embedded-Designated-Supports-for-English-Learners_FINAL.pdf
Updated August 22, 2019

Students who are English learners (ELs) may benefit from using designated supports when participating on the Connecticut state-wide assessments. These designated supports are intended as a language support for students who have limited English language skills, whether or not they are identified in PSIS as EL or EL with a disability. The use of these supports may result in the student needing additional overall time to complete the assessment. 

Note: Students should use the Practice Test with the designated supports prior to testing to ensure that they are appropriate and accessible prior to use on statewide assessments.



Manually Entering Designated Supports and Accommodations /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/CT_Manually_Entering_Designated_Supports_and_Accommodations_Brochure.pdf

The 2018-19 Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Blocks (IABs) will be available for administration on September 26, 2018. Please refer to this brochure for considerations that impact the selection of accommodations prior to test administration.

User Role Permissions for Secure Online Systems /core/fileparse.php/51/urlt/CT_User_Role_Permissions_for_Secure_Online_Systems.pdf
This brochure outlines the user roles and permissions for each secure online testing system used to administer the online assessments for the Connecticut Comprehensive Assessment Program. These systems include: Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE), Online Reporting System (ORS), Test Administration (TA) Interface, Data Entry Interface (DEI), Assessment Viewing Application (AVA), and AIR Ways Reporting System.