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  • In light of the continued school closures in several districts resulting from the weather events on May 15, 2018, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) is extending the summative testing window for all school districts in the state. Originally, the testing window was scheduled to close on Friday, May 25, 2018, for the Smarter Balanced Assessments, the Connecticut Alternate Assessment (CTAA), the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Field Test, and the Connecticut Alternate Science Assessment (CTAS) Field Test. However, due to the unprecedented weather event, the window for all aforementioned assessments is being extended until Friday, June 8, 2018.

    Please note that the deadline for submission of the Learner Characteristics Inventory (LCI) has also been extended until Friday, June 8, 2018. The LCI must be submitted in the Data Entry Interface (DEI) for all students eligible to participate in the alternate assessments. Please contact the Help Desk (cthelpdesk@air.org) to report any submitted LCIs so that the student’s Alternate Assessment Indicator may be set to “Yes” to access the CTAS and/or the CTAA.

    Added May 22, 2018
  • Attention to Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment Users! Smarter Balanced is conducting a Focused Target Interim Assessment Blocks survey to collect feedback on a possible enhancements to the existing interim assessment system. This proposed design would offer blocks that measure smaller bundles of content (one or two targets in math, and up to three targets in ELA). This is a critical opportunity for users to openly offer feedback on a system that has the potential to better support assessment and instructional goals; therefore, we urge users to complete and share this survey with colleagues who actively use the interims. The survey is open for submission through May 17, 2018.

    Added April 20, 2018
  • CSDE and AIR have received some questions about the timing and sessions of the NGSS Field Test. Please note that the NGSS Field Test is designed as one continuous test and does not have sessions. Test Administrators may choose to give students a 10-minute break after about 45 minutes of testing. This break is optional. Each student will receive approximately the same number of questions on the Field Test, however, questions will vary from student to student. The Field Test consists of 6 item clusters with multiple questions and 12 short, often one-question, items. 

    Added April 9, 2018
  • After completing the NGSS Field Test, students and test administrators are strongly encouraged to complete online feedback surveys. There are separate surveys for students and test administrators. These surveys should only take about 5 minutes to complete.

    Added March 26, 2018
  • Previously, AIR planned on releasing an updated secure browser for the Chromebooks. After further consideration, AIR has decided not to rollout the new app this spring. Please continue using the 2017-2018 version of the secure browser for Chromebooks (v3).

    Added March 23, 2018
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