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  • A printing error occurred in the Resource Packet for the Grade 5 Connecticut Alternate Science Assessment (CTAS).This issue involves the graphic for Storyline 4 - Activity 6 - Resource 1 in Grade 5. The printed table has two rows of data when it should have three rows. 

    The graphic has been updated and is available at the following link: Pond Organisms Data Table Poster

    Districts should remove the resource from the CTAS Resource Packet and replace it with the updated graphic from the portal. If districts have any questions, please follow up with the American Institutes for Research Help Desk at 1-844-202-7583 or email

    Added January 10, 2019
  • The Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) and Smarter Balanced are seeking educators who meet all the qualifications outlined below to participate in, in-person content development activities beginning in spring 2019.

    Educators must meet the following qualifications in order to apply:

    1. Currently certified or licensed to teach ELA/literacy or mathematics in a K–12 public school or certified to teach English learners and/or students with disabilities; and
    2. Currently teaching in a public school or currently employed by a public school, district or state education entity including higher education in Connecticut; and
    3. Within the past three years:
    • Have taught ELA/literacy or mathematics in grades 3 through 8 or have worked in a classroom content support role such as a literacy or district or state content specialist.


    • Have taught students with disabilities and/or English learners in grades 3 through 8 or have worked in a support role such as a district/school coordinator or instructional specialist. Specializations in visual impairments or teaching for students who are deaf and hard of hearing are encouraged.
    1. Have previously reviewed part or all of the Common Core State Standards for the content area in which they are interested in working.
    2. For item writing, all educators must submit a statement of interest upon request that describes (a) the reason(s) for their interest in developing items for the Smarter Balanced assessment system and (b) their qualifications for doing so.For item writing, all educators must submit a statement of interest upon request that describes (a) the reason(s) for their interest in developing items for the Smarter Balanced assessment system and (b) their qualifications for doing so.

    Educators who have documented expertise in the areas of science and/or social science may apply for ELA/literacy item review. Some activities will have additional preferred experience qualifications.

    The Smarter Balanced item development process involves educators, researchers, policymakers, and community groups in a transparent consensus-driven process to help all students succeed in a global economy.  The 2019 item development meetings will be:

    • Item Authoring for ELA and Mathematics
    • Passage Review for Content, Fairness, and Accessibility
    • Item Review for Content, Fairness, and Accessibility
    • Rangefinding
    • Data Review (virtual)

    All interested candidates, including candidates that have previously applied, must apply by submitting the online application form  to Smarter Balanced by February 8, 2019.

    The CSDE will recommend a limited number of qualified education candidates from Connecticut to participate.  Smarter Balanced and respective contractors will then select educators to serve based on recommendations from each consortium state.  The selection of educators will strive to represent a balance of geographic region, grade levels, years of experience, district-type, among other demographic data.

    Meetings will be held in July, October or December. Smarter Balanced will contact selected educators directly via email.  The selected educators will need to complete additional travel and contract information. Lodging, travel costs, and applicable reimbursements will be provided by Smarter Balanced following the meeting and may include substitute reimbursement defined by local policy. 

    Please contact Michelle Rosado at the CSDE by email if you have any questions.

    Added January 2, 2019
  • AIR has completed the review of macOS 10.14 and determined a new secure browser is required to support this new operating system. Additionally, a security issue has been discovered for macOS 10.13. To address these issues, AIR has created and posted a newly updated version of the secure browser for macOS which is available for download on the Secure Browsers page. Previous versions of the secure browser for macOS will no longer function after December 31, 2018. All macOS devices (10.9 to 10.14)  are required to have the new secure browser installed by the end of the year in order to test in the new year.

    Added December 11, 2018
  • The required online Alternate Assessment System Training (modules listed below) is now available on the Alternate Assessment card located on the CSDE Comprehensive Assessment Program Portal and can be accessed with TIDE user credentials.  Please share this communication with any  educator who will be administering the CT Alternate Assessments this year, regardless of previous training status, as these teachers will need to participate in the training this year and each year moving forward.  Teachers administering the Alternate Assessments will be required to take a quiz and receive a score of 80% or greater.  Once the quiz is passed, this will activate the “Trained TEA” status in the TEA user account and provide permissions to access the online supporting systems. All TEAs will need this trained status to access the Data Entry Interface (now open), which allows for the submission of the Learner Characteristics Inventory (LCI) to register a student for the Alternate Assessments. (Note that only trained TEAs have user permissions to submit an LCI through the Data Entry Interface.)

    Training Modules vary in duration (each is approximate 30 minutes) and includes:

    • Session 1:Eligibility for the Alternate Assessments and the Role of the Learner Characteristics Inventory (LCI)
    • Session 2:Administering the Connecticut Alternate Assessment (CTAA)
    • Session 3: Administering the Connecticut Alternate Science Assessment (CTAS)
    • Session 4: Alternate Assessment System Resources and the Early Stopping Rule
    • Connecticut Alternate Assessment Training Quiz

    These sessions are also accompanied by a Resource folder containing teacher tasks aligned to each session and the CTAS TEA Responsibility Checklist.

    If you envision providing group TEA training sessions in your school, each individual TEA must log into the training using their own TIDE username/password. This will allow the online system to link their completed quiz with their Trained TEA status in TIDE.

    As a reminder, District Administrators (DAs in TIDE) must determine who will be administering the Alternate Assessments during the 2018-19 school year, verify their user role as TEA and account information in TIDE for accuracy, and notify the TEA(s) that training is now available. Refer to the following resources to support this process:

    Overview for District Administrators

    Overview for Teachers Administering the Alternate

    Please direct any questions to Deirdre Ducharme at 860-713-6859; or Janet Stuck at 860-713-6837;

    Added November 29, 2018
  • The Secure Browsers for the 2018—2019 school year are now available for download on the Secure Browsers page of the portal. The new version of the secure browser is required for all 2018-2019 online test administrations.

    Added August 10, 2018
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